Consignor Contract

Consignment Agreement rev. 02/14/24

  • 50/50* split
  • 90 day term
  • Call/email to pick up unsold items before 97th day
  • Check fee is $4; Venmo/Paypal fee is $1; no fee for store credit
  • $1 deduction per each item that we steam

Details & fine print:

Commission splits* & length of term:

Consignor receives 50% of the final selling price on most items. If the items require work, ie: polishing/de-pilling/de-linting, we will do it and pay the consignor 40%. We will let you know if your items are subject to this split. Cloud Nine will determine the selling price of each item and display your items for 90 days. High-end designer items may be re-consigned by mutual agreement decided at the end of the term. Most items are subject to a minimal buyer’s fee, which does not affect the consignor.


Reclaiming unsold items:

If desired, you may reclaim unsold items at the end of the consignment period; however, it is your responsibility* to call or email us towards the end of the consignment period to schedule a pick up. After the 97th day, any unsold items will be considered “abandoned” and will become the property of Cloud Nine to be disposed of as we see fit. There will be no payment on items sold after the 97th day.  Although we take every precaution to protect consigned items, Cloud Nine will not be held liable for damages due to any reason such as loss, fire, theft, accident, etc. All items are left at consignor’s risk.


The minimum amount for a check is $50 (minus a $4 processing fee); there is a $25 minimum for Venmo/Paypal payments with a $1 processing fee. Any payout that meets those minimums will automatically be paid out at the end of each quarter, but payouts are available on a daily basis upon request. You may also apply any and all earnings to store purchases at any time, either in our boutique or through our online store.


We will email you a list of the accepted items with their price and pick up date. We reserve the right to take periodic markdowns and run sales at any time without notice.

There is a $1 steam fee per item; we reserve the right to decide what items are subject to that service. Fees will be deducted from sales in your account.

Cloud Nine does not sell counterfeit merchandise. We guarantee authenticity of every item and when in doubt, it will not be accepted or by mutual agreement, we will have the piece third-party authenticated. The cost of this service varies with the minimum being $15. This fee will be deducted from your account after being informed of the cost and with your agreement. By signing this contract, you are agreeing to not knowingly offer us counterfeit merchandise.

Your account balance can be viewed online by clicking “consignor login” at Please see our online FAQ’s for more details.


*Tip: If you are planning to pick up your unsold items, put a reminder/alert in your phone to remind you a few days in advance of your pick up date. Remembering the date is your responsibility - we do not have the manpower to alert you.

We thank you for your business.

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